Tim Baltes

Drum. Mix. Deliver.


Tim Baltes grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, perfectly situated between two musical melting pots – Milwaukee and Chicago. At an early age, he took up piano lessons, and by 12, he picked up bass guitar and started performing live. At 15, he found drums and the game changed forever.

After drumming in bands and on sessions for local musicians, Tim politely turned down touring offers from well-respected Chicago music groups to attend college. And for the next five years, he studied and worked in used music retail, buying, selling, fixing, and tuning an array of vintage and high end drums. In the years since, Tim has taken his love for great drum sounds and performances to the next level by diving into audio engineering.

Since 2013, Tim has devoted many hours to creating his recorded drum sound, and it's paid off. After fostering an Instagram-based community of over 6,500 members, Tim has made friends with a number of musicians and producers. He has created music-based media with creatives across the United States and individuals as far away as Turkey and Malaysia.

Tim has also done remote drum session work for organizations including Disney, 21st Century Fox, GameHouse, Zynga, and Blue Giraffe. He is known for top quality performances, incredible drum tones, a positive attitude, and turnaround times that are hard to beat. Contact him at timbdrums@gmail.com to talk about your next project!